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What does my child need to bring each day?    

Your child must wear a Grass Roots t-shirt each day.  On days that they are supposed to swim, they should bring a bag with their swim clothes and a towel.  Other than that just a good attitude and wanting to have fun!

When do they go swimming?

Your Childs group will be scheduled to go swimming 2 times per week.  A schedule will be given in the first week.

Does a shirt come with my registration?

Yes, one shirt comes with your registration.  You can purchase additional shirts for $10.  It is surely ok to wear yellow camp shirts from previous years.

What if my child has food allergies?

Please make note of this in your registration and reinforce to the child's counselor when you drop them off on the first day.

What is served for lunch?

Montclair Grass Roots participates in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Service Program. All campers receive a nutritious Class A lunch comprised of sandwiches, pizza, chicken, burgers, etc. along with a fruit or vegetable and a juice or milk to wash things down. Montclair Grass Roots does not serve pork or pork products.

Do you have bus transportation to and from camp?

No, we no longer provide bus transportation to and from camp.  A responsible adult or older sibling should pick up and sign out children each day.

Where do I check in on the first day?

At the park house next to the tennis and basketball courts in Glenfield Park.  After that you should be able to drop off and pick up your child at their designated group area.  Before and After Care should continue to drop off and pick up at the park house.

Do I have to pay in full for camp before it starts?

It is preferred that you take care of all the fees at the registration time.  However because of our on line registration system you can opt for a payment plan that allows you to pay on specifically designated dates outlined in the "Payment Plan Option"  This plan requires a down payment and full payment by the midpoint of camp.

Can I register for only part of the summer?

Yes, you may have to register in person on designated registration dates to make those arrangements.

However, the minimum partial summer registration is $300 or half of the summer program.

Do I have to register for before and after care for the whole camp?

Before and After care may be selected on a week by week basis.  We are trying to make it flexible for your convenience, however daily attendance is monitored and you will need to pay for weeks in advance if your child is to use these services.

If you have other questions regarding the camp services, you can call 973-746-6399 OR email us at

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