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Payment Plans

For assistance with registration or if you have questions send us an email

We have established payment plans for the budgeting connivance of our families. 

If you decide to take advantage of a payment plan you must agree to automatic payments deducted from your designated account. 

The camp registration fee is divided up into 5 equal installments to be paid on the listed due dates.

TBD~ once registration opens

Please make a note of the dates!

**IMPORTANT NOTE** If you select to participate in a payment plan and you enroll your child after a listed payment date, the system will immediately charge you for ALL of the PAST PAYMENTS and then future payments will follow as indicated. 

Example, if you register on June 1,  your account will be charged for BOTH May 17 & May 31 payments and then on June 14, 28, and July 5  just one payment will be charged. We will NOT be responsible for NSF fees that you may incur due to scheduled payments.


50% refund for cancelations before July 1st. 

After July 1st there will be NO REFUNDS

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