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Rules & Regulations


Arrival ~ We strongly urge parents to ensure that campers check-in to their designated group in Glenfeld Park each day by 9:00 AM counselors begin moving throughout the park and departing for the pool and scheduled trips as soon as attendance is completed. No campers will be accepted off campsite.

Dismissal ~ It is VERY IMPORTANT that all Parents make sure their children are picked up NO EARLIER THAN 2:30 and NOT LATER THAN 3:00 PM.

Campers MUST stay with their assigned counselor throughout the day, leaving the group without permission will not be tolerated.

Fighting, Profanity & Disrespectful Language ~ will not be tolerated at any time, campers involved in fighting, using profanity, or disrespectful language will be immediately suspended and camp fees will not be refunded.

T-Shirts ~ One T-shirt is included with registration, and it is mandatory that campers wear Grass Roots T-Shirts every day. Additional T-shirts can be purchased for $10.00 each at registration or by coming into the camp office.

Group Assignment ~ All campers will be assigned according to their ages. However we reserve the right to final group placement of campers.

Swimming Permits ~ All campers need permits to participate in the swimming program. 

Non-Montclair Residents will receive a camp permit from Montclair Grass Roots for an additional fee of $60.00 This pool permit is only good for use through our camp. 

Montclair Residents MUST obtain their own permit from the Township.  

3 Week Campers - The pool fee has been included in the registration costs so no permit is needed.

**There are NO REFUNDS if swimming is canceled due to pool closure or inaccessibility.

Meals ~ A free class A lunch and afternoon snack will be served to all campers in the Grass Roots program.

Free Insurance ~ All campers receive free accident insurance coverage for the entire program. NOTE: Grass Roots is only liable to the extent of its insurance coverage and for the period of time that the camper is enrolled in the program.

Field Trips ~ All campers will go on field trips. Parents will be notified in advance as to when and where their child will go on a trip. The cost of all trips is included in the camp fee. All campers MUST wear Grass Roots T-Shirts on field trips.

Rainy Day Policy ~ Grass Roots will hold camp on rainy days. However, since the campers must stay indoors and space is limited, we are asking those parents who can make other arrangements for their children to please do so. Should it rain AFTER the children are in camp we will continue to provide activities for all campers.

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